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Harriet Myfanwy Nia Tahany

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Pop Surrealist (Visual Art)

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traditional arts, visual arts, craft, arts management, writing, illustration

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Originally from South Wales and raised in London, I have been living in practicing in Co. Leitrim since 1999. I did my degree in Fine Art at Sligo I.T. in 2007 and graduated with a MFA from the University of Ulster in 2009,

My artwork is mainly narrative based featuring distinctive wide eyed feminine characters and often exploring metaphysical themes surrounding the esoteric narrative of fairy tales and folk law. I think of myself as a multi-disciplinary artist, my approaches are often diverse; the works like myself are ever changing and developing. There is an evident evolution in my work and at times a deconstruction, the work is personal underneath the formal explored themes, ideas and inspirations they contain. The artwork becomes an energy container that acts as a personal archive of memory, a recording of some emotive expression of me at an early time when the work was new. Looking at older work is a way to reflect on myself. Making art for me is fun and sometimes challenging, a centering meditation and adventure into my imagination, reuniting fragments of thought, de-cluttering my mind and heart by releasing those things I struggle to express in any other way.

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