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Ciarán MacAoidh

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Sound artist, field recordist and audio documentary maker with a visual side.

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film, visual arts, sound

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I am an artist-in-residence at The Dock working in sound. I use field recordings, interviews and sound art to explore interactions with nature, industry and community. I am currently beginning a process of blending pure field recording with documentary to approach a different method of minimalist storytelling, a result that will not be found in field recording or documentary alone. I am working on ways to bring the result not just to those specifically interested in sound art through online or album release, but to the wider community through engaging, interactive installations. I have just completed my a first iteration of an installation which will be on show at The Dock for the Open Season exhibition. I hope to develop and improve the idea over the coming months and I intend to find a variety of locations to display the pieces, the themes of which will change and expand over time.

The field recordings and interviews will also be used in my collaboration with other artists to create improvised experimental music, song and film.