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Kate Murtagh-Sheridan

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I am a freelance Visual Artist/Crafts-person /Teacher, I specialise in Ceramics and Modern Fresco Painting.

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visual arts, craft, design

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Kate Murtagh Sheridan is a freelance Visual Artist/Craftsperson /Teacher. Since graduating from NCAD in 2008 she has completed a two-year Ceramics Skills and Design Course run by the Design and Craft Council of Ireland (DCCOI) and a Masters in Ceramics in Cardiff. Kate went on to do a one year pottery aprentiship and also completed a one-year Design Residency at NCAD . Kate won the RDS National Crafts Competition: 2nd Prize in Ceramics and The Future Makers Innovation Prize given by the Crafts Council of Ireland.
She has exhibited in Ireland, Wales and Seattle.

About her work:
“I specialise in Ceramics and make, Experimental sculptures, wall tiles and Functional ware. My work is process lead and developing new techniques has always been a huge part of my practice. One of my most recent discoveries is the Modern Fresco, I try to steer away from the norm and make exciting innovative work. This keeps the subject matter fresh for me. I am interested in the process of making clay and plaster works. During my MA, I focussed on Materiality and Methods of Development and novel approaches to clay forming and processing. I make ceramic wall tiles, functional ware and experimental sculptural pieces with these considerations in mind.”

Present : At the moment Kate is preparing for a competition in Finland in which to win the chance to be The Ambassador of Ceramics to represent Europe in 2017. She is working towards 3 exhibitions, one in The National Craft Gallery in November for her experimental work and two early next year, one in Kilkenny and one at the Ranalagh Art’s Centre Dublin.
Kate also runs classes at her studios in Mohill.

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