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air monger, versatile author, dream creator, earth warrior writer and roots healer

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music, design, writing, illustration, graphic design

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The red thread in Emma’s life are words, both written and spoken. She loves language and knows how to use it, but at the same realises it has its limits. Obviously, language is crucial when trying to confer a message. The most important of messages can get muddled by using the wrong words, especially when its content is hard to grasp by means of intellect alone. Emma uses her way with words to translate instinct and intuition into information that is useful to others. It is also the very reason she started writing fiction. Fiction speaks to your imagination and thus to your subconscious. As a result, it can transfer more that the sum of its sentences.

Emma is a versatile writer, who, as said, refuses to stick to one particular genre. At the moment she focusses on children’s stories and literary novels. In the short time that she has been offering her work for publication, her efforts have been immediately rewarded. Some of her short stories were published amongst which one in 100 jaar Oorlog, a collection of stories about war. In the early fall of 2016 Bing en Bibi en het Duistere Bos was published, which is a children’s story by her hand and illustrated by the Dutch illustrator Jans Teen.

At the moment Emma is working on several projects, for instance a new childrens book, a short stories book, a Dutch literary thriller and a historical novel.

Apart from all these fictional projects Emma also writes non-fiction texts, blogs and columns on many different subjects, which have one thing in common, to wit that she cares about them. Many of them are written just because Emma thinks they have to be, but she also writes in commission. For that purpose she started Studio Storris, for all your language and design needs in Dutch and English. Looking for a blog, column, article or any other text in an area that Emma is knowledgeable about? Please get in touch to find out about the possibilities.

Another passion of hers is designing, which she has been doing for decades. Through time she has created many websites, folders, logos, etcetera. She was also responsible for the design and artwork of this website and the Studio Storris, Bing and Bibi and Orthea website (unless stated otherwise).

And last but not least, Emma regularly combines her skills and experience to assist other people. She does this by lecturing, teaching masterclasses and workshops and by offering retreats for small groups and individuals. For those of you who want information about the possibilities of hiring Emma for speeches, masterclasses, workshops and retreats, please get in touch.

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