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Amanda Jane Graham

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A visual artist, her practice involves memory, personal experience and societal issues

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visual arts

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Amanda Jane Grahams’ practice is a trajectory of self reflection, personal narrative, and memoirs where the viewer completes the experience. This involves delving into memory and using these memories of people, moments, incidents and illness to create vastly sensitive, seductive and humorous fantasies that can be macabre and incredibly disturbing at the same time. The work changes what once might have been negatives into positives. The title also plays an important role because it directs the viewer into the thought processes at the time of making the work.

The handmade process is essential to the practice. The traditional mediums of fine print, drawing, poetry, performance and hand crafts are key to generating the visual representation that penetrate the unconscious memory of the observer and create spontaneous reactions. Personal memory, humour and traditional mediums are tactics that engineer collective sentiment, recollections and nostalgia. Emotive recall devises alliances and relationships between the private and collective memories of both artist and audience.

Graham completed BA in Fine Art at the Institute of Technology Sligo in 2009 and an MA in Fine Art at National College of Art and Design, Dublin in 2011.

The artist has exhibited both nationally and internationally. Her most recent solo show, A Tribute To The Irish Community Butte Montana 1916-1919 was held at the RHA’s Ashford Gallery. Her exhibition Warrior’s One in Three was invited to be part of the18th International Psycho Oncology Congress 2016 at the Aviva Stadium, where she presented a paper as part of Psycho Oncology and the Arts.

Her work has featured in many publications including The Irish Times. She has been the recipient of numerous awards, including the Cavan Curators Cavan 2016 theatre commissions, The Pram That Helped The Rising.

The Pram That Helped The Rising was also produced as a radio documentary in which Graham both performed and wrote. The documentary was aired on Shannonside FM and Northern Sound Fm radio stations.