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Visual artist using photography, video and photo montage to explore our relationships with nature.

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film, visual arts, sound

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Using photography and mask-making my work involves deepening my relationship with my immediate environment – a rural lane in North Leitrim that is mostly populated by a community of English travelers settled here since the early 1990s. I have a keen interest in exploring different ways to portray this few square kilometers of land, and the way I experience it. A kind of counterpoint to the popularity of travel photography – which implies that a foreign land is necessarily more interesting that where we live.

Drawn into the branching patterns and layers of the natural world, and of human relationships with the non-human, my work is both how I deepen those connections for myself and how I communicate them to others. Underlying it all is an investigation into the human perception of separateness from the rest of nature, and how we can understand and eventually heal that rupture. This has developed alongside my interest in myth, magic and ritual as ways of reconnecting.

I made a series of portraits of myself and neighbours, using masks and hats to engage in a playful exploration of ourselves as outsiders, pagans, misfits and blow-ins. I have chosen to make these images black and white in order to concentrate on form and light rather than colour, to simplify complex backgrounds, and to achieve a more timeless quality. I am currently working on four elemental masks to be worn by children from my community and photographed in local woodland, as they seek to physically express their connection with the element and the relationship of that element to the woods.

You can see my landscape photography and mask work with others at

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