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Creative Heartlands News

The Creative Heartlands project began to gather momentum in late 2021 and we are  looking forward to a busy and creative 2022. We have courses and equipment resources  coming up in the first quarter of 2022 so please make sure to join the Creative Heartlands  community to get access to these. The sign up page is


We have specific Film and Design lists so  feel free to choose whichever one interests you the most or select both! 

Film Update  

Edit Suites 

On the Film side the three Apple-based Edit Suites have now been installed in Sligo,  Leitrim and Roscommon.  

  • The Roscommon edit suite is situated in King House in Boyle.
  • The Leitrim edit suite is in the Leitrim Sculpture Centre in Manorhamilton.
  • The Sligo edit suite is situated in the Northside Community Centre and is already being  put to good use for their QQI5 Film and Editing Courses. For more information on these  courses email: 

Initially contact for the hire/use of the edit suites can be  made to Brian Kelly, the Creative Heartlands Film Manager, via 

Shooting Equipment 

The Shooting equipment which includes a Sony FX9 with cinema lenses and a Sony A7  Mark III DSLR, will soon be available to hire at preferential rates to Creative Heartlands  community members. As we set up usage protocols in the first instance to hire/use the  equipment please contact Brian Kelly via 

The camera equipment was used to shoot a low budget feature last year by Roscommon  based production company Box Of Tricks for their film Skylark. You can see an interview  that Brian Kelly did with the director and writer of the film on our YouTube  Channel

Please like and subscribe to the  channel. 

Film Training 

A series of technical, production and enterprise training workshops will soon be offered  to the filmmaking community in the SLR region. Announcements and details will shortly  be made available. 

An outreach programme of on-line monthly bookable clinic will also be set up shortly  where Creative Heartlands Film Manager Brian Kelly will be available to help assist the  filmmaking community.

Design Update  

Creative Heartlands Podcast 

At the end of 2021, whilst we waited for the mobile Fab Lab equipment to be procured  and delivered, Stuart Lawn, the Creative Heartlands Design Manager, started a podcast  interviewing artists and designers from the region about their work and their relationship  with digital technology. Five episodes are online with more to come in 2022. The  interviewees range from 3D Printing Expert and Designer, Mark McGowan to Immersive  Installation Artist, Margaret O’Brien. You can listen to all episodes on Spotify or wherever  you get your podcasts – 

Craft 4.0 

One of the most recent guests on the podcast was John Walsh from the School of  Creative Arts in TU Dublin. John is the lead partner in a recently launched Erasmus+  project called Craft 4.0 ( The project aims to create training tools  and a peer network for craftspeople in the areas of Digital Modelling and Digital /  Additive Manufacturing. As part of this John and his team have created a free online  learning platform to introduce the concepts and technologies of digital fabrication to  new and established craftspeople and designers ( There are  over 30 videos arranged into 6 modules. Each video is a short 2-3 minute introduction to  the main digital fabrication technologies and there are fantastic resources under the  “How Digital Craft Can Relate To My Practice” module. I would encourage everyone to  create an account and sample the Craft 4.0 project as it could provide inspiration for your  next creative endeavour. 

Mobile Fab Lab 

The equipment for the mobile Fab Lab was delivered just in time for Christmas 2021 and  the first phase of machines are now being prepared for use in upcoming workshops. We  have invested in a suite of high performance CAD Laptops, a portable Laser Cutter, a  Cricut Crafting machine, a Digital Screen Print machine and a 3D Printer for Ceramics.  This is in addition to the filament and resin based 3D printers already available in the Fab  Lab. If you have a project that you would like to use the equipment for please contact  Stuart Lawn – 

Showcase 2022 

The annual Showcase event organised by the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland will be  taking place in the RDS in Dublin on 27th February to 2nd March 2022. As part of this  Creative Heartlands will be spotlighting artists, designers and craftspeople from the  Sligo, Leitrim and Roscommon region who are attending the show and using our film  making equipment we will be creating a promotional video of the participants at the  show. Ahead of this we hope to do a YouTube livestream panel discussion with some of  the attendees. If you are attending the show and would like to be included please email  Stuart:

Upcoming Design Courses – Pre-registration 

The following courses are planned for the first quarter of 2022. These initial courses will be free to attend for participants as we work out the format going forward. We are asking  that anyone interested in attending please pre-register for access by joining the Creative  Heartlands community ( Details of dates and  times will be advised once venues and numbers are established. 

  • Introduction to 3D Design for 3D Printing for Artists 

A 1 x day practical workshop that covers the workflow for creating 3D digital models in  CAD software that can be 3D printed using FDM and Resin based 3D printers. Examples  of practical applications for 3D printing for pre-visualising and prototyping will be  demonstrated. Each workshop will cater for 5 people and will be in-person. Planned for  end of January in Leitrim and repeated in Sligo & Roscommon later in the year. 

  • Introduction to Lasercutting for Artists 

A 1 x day practical workshop that covers 2D design for lasercutting. All aspects of laser  cutting, engraving and marking will be covered. Materials suitable for lasercutting will be  shown. Use of lasercutting in crafts and jewellery making will be demonstrated, as will  more esoteric uses in arts practice. Each workshop will cater for 5 people and will be in person. Planned for mid January in Leitrim and repeated in Sligo & Roscommon later in  the year. 

  • Digital Screen Printing Study Group 

A 1 x day practical workshop for illustrators and printmakers on the use of a digital screen  printing machine to generate meshes. Participants are encouraged to bring designs that  they would like to experiment with or collaborate with others on. Each workshop will  cater for max 6 people and will be in-person. Planned for late January in Leitrim  Printmaking Workshop and repeated in Sligo later in the year. 

  • Ceramic 3D Printing Study Group 

A 1 x day practical workshop for ceramicists on using a clay 3D printer to generate 3D  printed ceramic objects. Participants are encouraged to experiment with forms and  designs in software before realising them as printed ceramic items. Each workshop will  cater for 5 people and will be in-person. This workshop will be in the Leitrim Sculpture  Centre to utilise their ceramics area and kilns and is planned for early February and  repeated later in the year. 

  • Craft Cutting Applications for Artists 

A 1 x day workshop that covers the practical uses that a craft cutting machine can give to  artists including illustration, stencilling, packaging design, leatherwork, fabric applique  and much more. Participants are encouraged to bring materials to experiment with and  create designs in software. Each workshop will cater for 5 people and will be in-person.  Planned for early February in Leitrim and repeated in Sligo & Roscommon later in the  year.

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