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Arts Council – Travel and Training Awards

The Arts Council operate a year round Travel and Training Award Scheme. There are no formal deadlines for the Travel and Training Award. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis while there is an available budget within the relevant artform or arts-practice area. You should contact the relevant team within the Arts Council if you have any questions about making an application to this award.

The Travel and Training Award has three main strands, with different objectives and priorities.

Travel and training outbound

The objective of the travel and training outbound award is to support individuals who wish to avail of training and other professional development opportunities abroad (outside the Island of Ireland). The priority here is the development of the individual’s own arts practice, including: participation in once-off training opportunities, specialist courses or masterclasses. Other professional development opportunities such as short-term research projects, residencies, participation in workshops, internships (not including visual arts), mentoring programmes, attendance at conferences/seminars, and so on.

Travel and training inbound

The objective of travel and training inbound is to support individuals or organisations who wish to invite specialists from abroad (outside the Island of Ireland) to deliver high-level training or mentoring for the professional development of artists and others working professionally in the arts in Ireland.

Creative Europe (Culture Sub-programme) Travel Award

The Creative Europe (Culture Sub-programme) Travel Award only supports applications from arts organisations in the Republic of Ireland planning to submit proposals for EU funding under the Creative Europe (Culture Sub-programme) 2014–2020 in 2016.

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