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New Voices of Ireland Series 7 – Call for Artists

For the 7th edition of the New Voices of Ireland Series entitled CULTURAL, URBAN MEMORY – TRANSITION, TEMPORALITY, TRANSCULTURES, the Centre for Creative Practices is inviting submissions from migrant, culturally diverse and local artists who work with migrants and other marginalised individuals or communities.

TRANSITION, TEMPORALITY, TRANSCULTURES are essential parts of population movements of the twenty-first century. So are the constantly growing cities that have become cultural melting pots. However, the voices of migrants, the main agents of the transition, transculturality and temporality are rarely heard, and if so, it happens mainly in the context of ethnographic and anthropological approaches, placing them at the margins of history.

Thus, for the New Voices of Ireland Series 7 CULTURAL, URBAN MEMORY– TRANSITION, TEMPORALITY, TRANSCULTURES we are looking for artistic work about people who are at the margins of national history, who are shaping communities of “otherness”.

We invite works by artists of all disciplines exploring how the cultural memories of the newcomers to Irish cities are transformed, combining pre-existing with the current elements and forming something new. How do all sorts of migrants conceptualise their position between their past and the future that is expected but not yet here? Where do they position themselves in the new web of cultural, ethical, political, and social questions of identification?Through the New Voices of Ireland Series 7, we want to provide a platform for both physical and conceptual communication between migrant and local artists, their communities and their artworks created through observation and artistic exploration of CULTURAL MEMORIES, TRANSITION, TEMPORALITY and TRANSCULTURES in city environments.

Focusing on the urban settings we aim to broaden the context for artistic production in Irish cities using them as living platforms for intercultural, artistic discovery and research of cultural memories.


For information on Submission and Format of the project visit here.

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