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Philip Kavanagh

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StArt Studios Ltd

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Convent Lane, Mohill. Co. Leitrim








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performance artist and writer.

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visual arts, writing

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Philip Kavanagh's practice is orientated primarily around non-habitual sites of encounter. Working in an expanded field of objecthood, he attempts to construct these sites in which actions meet the seemingly elevated objects of rituality in a single, immanent and sometimes subversive poetic reflection. Current themes in his practice include animality, metamorphosis, immanence and processes of mythopoesis. Whether singularly or symbiotically – bodily gesture, material form, symbolism and ritual duration are drawn on to produce images indicative of shared becomings through shared fictions. Whilst often research based, Kavanagh's works are informed practically through performance, installation and text based processes.

Philip is a recent graduate of the National College of Art and Design, where he graduated with a joint Honours Degree in Sculpture and History of Art. He is currently working out of Start Studios, Leitrim. Recent Exhibitions include 'Live' NCAD Graduate performance showcase, 2016; 'Preserve / Change' 126 artist-run Gallery, Galway, 2016; ‘Hedgehog in the fog’, Raja Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia, 2015; ‘One last ditch chance at intimacy’ Estonian Music Days, Tallinn, 2015; 'isfag' happening', Isfag Gallery at Estonian Contemporary Art Museum, Tallinn, 2015; 'Studio', Eblana House, Dublin, 2014; 'A Days Undoing', Eblana House, Dublin, 2014.