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A west coast Landscape Architect & Designer passionate about increasing our daily connection with nature no matter age, culture or circumstances.

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architecture, theatre, film, craft, design

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Now practicing Landscape Architecture, I typically work on landscape design projects of varying sizes, scale sand levels of detail. I work for both private and public clients. Mine is a collaborative practice working closely with designers, horticulturalists, artists on all sorts of projects in the public realm.

I started my new business, Faoin Aer, in Autumn 2018 and aim to practice through engagement to obtain as true and vital outcomes as possible for my optimal landscapes. Engagement is typically with clients, stakeholders, communities, collaborators and those particular to a specific circumstance, amongst others.

I arrived into the west from Dublin ten years ago with rich history in film & theatre making. I still love working in film from time to time, when the occasion and the right script arrives in the west 😉 Theatre is where my work began and it is where I am most at home… ie- as a member of a wild and exciting cast of people, animals, plants and fascinating places that I traverse on daily basis. I love to explore the dynamics around people and place and how we are all part of one ever-variable system.

Street work – I am passionate about Placemaking in the real sense of the word. I am the Organiser of Park(ing) Day Sligo since it's inception in 2015, also having created the Shelly Streets Parklet in September 2017. I enjoy a healthy blend of ideas thrashing, plan hatching and realisation sessions, a mixture of guerrilla style actions and quiet collaborations often bring these sessions to fruition. I endeavour to add an element of play into every project I work on, even if it’s something as seemingly mundane as an evocative planting plan for a forgotten corner.

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