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Arts Council – Project awards

The Arts Council will offer Project awards in the following:

  • Architecture
  • Arts Participation
  • Circus
  • Dance
  • Film
  • Music
  • Street Arts & Spectacle
  • Theatre
  • Traditional Arts
  • Visual Arts

The Arts Council’s Project awards support specific project activities under each of the above artform/arts practice areas. The award guidelines for each award can be downloaded from the available funding section of the Arts Council’s website from mid-June.

Who can apply:

The award is open to individuals and organisations.

Who cannot apply:

Organisations currently in receipt of funding under the Arts Council’s grant programmes (Strategic Funding, Venues Funding and Partnership Funding)

Organisations and individuals currently in receipt of Arts Grant Funding, unless otherwise specifically advised by the Arts Council

NOTE: organisations cannot apply to both the Project Award 2020 and Strategic Funding 2020

The deadline for all the above awards is 5.30pm on Thursday 15 August 2019.  Applications will only be accepted through the Arts Council’s online services website and all supporting material must be submitted online. Applicants who have not previously used the online services site must register in advance of making an application.  It may take up to five working days for your registrations to be confirmed so it is very important that you register as early as possible.

We now provide updates and assistance on the use of online services through our new Facebook page. Feel free to post or send us a message via the page if you need online services support when making a Project Award application:

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